It’s a new kind of world.

And so we’re a new kind of business.

Youngevity is reinventing what personal selling means. With over 2,000 fun, healthy products a click away, our business model takes the best of network marketing and combines it with e-commerce, party planning and social sharing to carve out a fresh, new space. So get cozy. You’re going to like it here.

Pursue your passion.

Whatever you’re into, we’re into. And we’re going to help you turn it into a business. Youngevity’s life-changing products span six top retail categories. That means you create your own path to happiness and wellness (and yes, income) by focusing on products you’re truly passionate about.

Health & Nutrition

Big things. Joel Wallach, BS, DVM, ND, is a pioneer in biochemical and nutritional research, discovering 90 essential nutrients and becoming known worldwide as the “Mineral Doctor".

Food & Beverage

All the good stuff – natural, wholesome, responsibly sourced – all in one place.

Spa & Beauty

Peace of mind that goes beyond skin deep. Age-defying. Head-turning.


Simple, stylish pieces to keep you looking good and feeling great.

Home & Family

Share memories with the family and keep your pets healthy and safe.


Stress less and live more while saving time and money.

Build your biz.

Your way.

Welcome to the new economy, where social selling is quickly emerging as the most popular – and lucrative – way to combine a healthy and balanced lifestyle with serious financial opportunity. This isn’t about 9 to 5. More like 24/7 freedom. How far you go is up to you, but we’ll give you the tools and support to get there, at your own pace.


Choose your path.

Get access to amazing product deals and cash rewards as a Distributor or start earning significant income as a CEO-Qualified Distributor. Find out which path will lead you to the lifestyle you’ve been seeking. We’ll help you get there.

Take the next step.

You want to live a life filled with possibility, passion and prosperity.

We’ll help make it happen.

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We’re better than all the rest.

There, we said it. Here’s why. Our founder has done some things. Big things.

Dr. Joel Wallach, BS, DVM, ND, is a pioneer in bio-chemical research with more than 50 years of experience. Dr. Wallach is a Champion of Health Freedom and access to truthful healthy information. Through his extensive research, he has discovered the first case of naturally occurring Cystic Fibrosis in a non-human, discovered we all need 90 essential nutrients to achieve Optimal Health. His Foundational work is memorialized in the book Diseases of Exotic Animals which is recommended by the Smithsonian Institute for Zoos and Professional Aquariums to this day. He has also achieved multiple FDA Authorized Health Claims to the benefit of the General Public.

Publicly listed global company in business over 20 years.

Youngevity is an innovative, fast-growing, yet stable company with a state-of-the-art facility in California and additional offices around the world.

We’re solving today’s issues.

Due to current trends in obesity and many chronic diseases, experts predict health and wellness will soon be a trillion-dollar industry. Consumers are also looking for nutritionally-based solutions more than ever before, making us increasingly more relevant.

Extensive product selection that’s both environmentally and health-conscious.

We offer more than 2,000 products across 6 top consumer categories. We also insist on the highest quality when it comes to raw ingredients and manufacturing practices. Diverse products – all sharing a common goal of helping you live a healthy, balanced and more joyful life.

We provide endless support and a streamlined process.

Our knowledgeable and experienced home office staff processes, ships and tracks your orders. They also calculate and pay your commissions both domestically and internationally. Our proprietary software system provides you with easy access to your orders so you can monitor, manage and maintain your business from anywhere in the world.

Our world-class management team provides limitless knowledge and top-notch training.

Our experienced and talented management team has over 300 years of combined direct sales and consumer goods experience, so you’re always in good hands.

Youngevity prohibits its distributors from making income earning claims in association with the promotion of Youngevity business opportunities. Whether an individual who becomes a Youngevity distributor will earn more than he or she pays for the business opportunity depends on multiple independent and dependent variables that are impossible to predict, such as economic factors unique to each location where product sales are attempted and the sales talents of each individual distributor.

“To succeed, jump as quickly at opportunities as you do at conclusions.”

– Benjamin Franklin

Meet the people making it happen.

Starting your own business may seem difficult, but through Youngevity, real people just like you continue to turn this seemingly impossible dream into their new reality.

Read their stories and discover how you can become one of them.
Sheryl Morley

Sheryl Morley 


Almost 20 years have passed since Sheryl Morley joined Youngevity, but she’s as excited as ever about the company and its amazing products. "Youngevity offers something of interest for everyone!" she says. "l continue to share it because it has changed my life in every way possible."

After becoming a distributor, Sheryl gained confidence she’d never had before and built a business that not only provided residual income but also allowed her to help other people build dreams of their own. Thanks to Youngevity, she lost 35 pounds, found peace of mind and became the second person in the company’s history to reach the rank of Ambassador. "l am on a mission to help people realize that there is something out there that can make all their dreams come true," Sheryl says. "l know that there are people who can only hear the message from me, and that is what keeps me going."

Tom and Denice Chenault

Tom & Denice Chenault 


When Tom and Denice Chenault discovered Youngevity, they knew they had found an opportunity that had to be shared. After years of searching, they had finally found a company that embodied their passion for investing in other people’s lives. "The key is loving and serving people," Tom says. "You fire your head and hire your heart!"

The Chenault’s found great meaning and satisfaction in building their Youngevity business and also achieved the lifestyle of their dreams. Not only did they put their three children through college with no student loans, they now make the most of their empty nest, enjoying the time and means to travel the country training Youngevity distributors. Through the years, they have remained committed to the ideal of shared success, always taking the time to bring others up the ladder with them. That genuine interest and concern for others is what makes the difference when sharing the Youngevity opportunity, Tom says. "If people sense that is your agenda, they will do business with you," he adds. "If you make their dreams your mission, rather than vice versa, everything gets easier."

"We believe that this is the greatest company on the planet.
Doctor Wallach’s message and his products are timeless, and the
Youngevity compensation plan is the best."

- Tom and Denice Chenault
Dr. Corey and Adrienne Gold

Dr. Corey & Adrienne Gold 

Dr. Corey Gold had been practicing dentistry for 12 years when he realized something was missing. He wasn’t enjoying his life. "l was depressed. I was angry. I was doing something I wasn’t passionate about," he recalls. "l saw myself going to work to make money, not bringing value to people." He also wanted to be home with his wife, Adrienne, and their two children while doing something each day that mattered. Less than two hours after being introduced to Youngevity, he decided to change his life.

"When I met the people at Youngevity, I felt a lot of trust and integrity there, which was very important to me," he says. "l have to feel good about what I’m marketing and sharing with other people."

He says it’s important for people to realize that they have options, that the corporate world isn’t the only one. "People have to make a decision to reclaim their own lives," he says. "You can be your own boss. You don’t have to trade your time for dollars. There are so many people in America who feel trapped, and there’s nobody telling them there’s a different way for them, a better way for them. You can be your own boss. You can see your children’s tennis matches."

Scott and Juliette Fardulis

Scott & Juliette Fardulis 

The greatest motivator for Scott and Juliette Fardulis is someone telling them something’s not possible. "We’ve learned that the height of your success is only limited by your beliefs," Scott explains. "So if someone tells us we can’t, that’s when we know we can. That’s been our foundation for living an extraordinary life."

The best part of their Youngevity business, they say, is having the freedom to prioritize their life. They’re an active part of their three children’s lives and donate generously to causes they’re passionate about. "I’ve noticed that it’s not uncommon for me to be the only male at a sporting practice or event, so that especially makes me appreciate the opportunity we have to be present and engaged," Scott adds. "And we love to be generous. Time freedom and financial freedom are what it’s all about."

Juliette agrees. "Our house is the one that our kids’ friends always want to hang out at, which is exactly what we want," Juliette says. "We’re making amazing memories and living life to the fullest."

Dr. Luis and Evelia Arriaza

Dr. Luis Evelia Arriaza 

As children of immigrant parents, Dr. Luis Arriaza and his wife Evelia are testimony to the American dream. They grew up in some of the worst neighborhoods in Southern California and went on to earn advanced degrees, with Luis becoming a doctor of chiropractic medicine. They used their degrees to build a chain of seven chiropractic centers, becoming millionaires just three years after entering the field. They then used their success to train other doctors in that field.

In 2000, their lives changed when they were introduced to the network marketing industry. They fell in love with the concept that in order for them to do well financially, they had to help others do well first. "We approached network marketing as a profession and sought a mentor who could teach us the system," says Dr. Luis.

Within the first year, they became seven-figure income earners, sold their clinics and devoted themselves full time to the network marketing industry. In 2010, they founded True2Life, which led them to align with Youngevity, where they are currently building the fastest-growing team in the country. "We love, live and enjoy life while helping others do the same," Evelia says.

Richard and Roxanne Renton

Richard & Roxanne Renton 

Richard and Roxanne Renton helped found Youngevity almost 20 years ago, and their passion for its products hasn’t faded in the least. "I truly believe because of the philosophy of Youngevity and the goal of helping people that Youngevity will become a billion-dollar company," Richard says. "Through the bad times, the good times, Youngevity always seems to grow. It’s because people have the passion to help people."

As Vice Chairman Marketing Directors, the Renton’s are among the company’s top leaders and most vocal champions. Richard, who has a background in chemistry, is also a formulator of several Youngevity products, including best-selling Beyond Tangy Tangerine® 2.0. "It’s given me a chance to design products that help people," he says.

With Youngevity, Richard and Roxanne also have control over their own schedules. "It gives us the time freedom to do what we want," Richard adds. "I see so many people out there literally living paycheck to paycheck. They have no reserves, no plan for retiring." That’s what motivates Richard to keep sharing Youngevity with as many people as possible.

Raymond & Yolanda Brown

Raymond & Yolanda Brown 

Raymond and Yolanda Brown live to help people succeed by mentoring them every step of the way. As Youngevity’s Trainers of the Year for 2016, they know a thing or two about creating the right attitude and assisting people with the shift from an employee to an entrepreneurial mindset. “If it were easy, everyone would be successful,” says Raymond. “We train people properly so they create a solid business built on rock instead of sand.”

The Brown’s got their start in corporate America, Raymond owning his own office supply firm and Yolanda as an executive with a major credit card company. Joining the network marketing profession helped them leave the rat race. “If you’re looking to better yourself, get a winning attitude about life and have some fun, you want to be part of this profession,” says Yolanda. Raymond adds, “No matter your background or education, everyone starts on a level playing field and can be successful.”

Raymond and Yolanda have worked hard for their accomplishments and acknowledge that the support and vision Youngevity provides makes a big difference. “Dr. Wallach leads by example, and the support of the company allows you to pick your passion,” Yolanda explains. “We get to help people feel like they matter, and it doesn’t get any better than that,” agrees Raymond.

The Brown’s key business tip for ensuring success: You cannot do this alone. Find the right mentor in this business, especially during your first 3-5 years.

Juan Carlos Flores Marquez & Lily Carrillo

Juan Carlos Flores Marquez & Lily Carrillo 

Juan Carlos Flores Marquez and his fiancée Lily Carrillo discovered Youngevity when they began using its 90 For Life™ products to enhance Lily’s overall health. Although unfamiliar with the network marketing business model, this energetic couple decided they were ready for big changes and launched their own Youngevity business in 2014. "We took a 180 degree turn!" Juan Carlos says. "It opened the possibility of doing business differently and more effectively. Without investing thousands of dollars, we are the masters of our own business."

They have achieved the rank of Senior Vice Chairman Marketing Director by building one of the most successful organizations in their home state of Chihuahua, Mexico. "It is definitely impossible to exist without a team like ours," Juan Carlos says. "We always maintain high energy and a positive attitude, but above all, we develop leaders. This is what keeps us strong, being the tool that helps us overcome obstacles in our daily work." He and Lily cherish being able to work with like-minded people and form lasting friendships. "We can work on our personal, mental, physical and financial development while sharing this opportunity with millions of people," Juan Carlos says. "We all share the same passion and the certainty that everything is possible."

Mike & Kate Battistelli

Mike & Kate Battistelli 

She was a leading lady. He was an associate director. They fell in love across the spotlights of a Broadway production. But although Mike and Kate Battistelli were successful in the entertainment business, they were looking for a steadier source of income. "When you work in New York in the music and theater business, you get paid quite well, but when the show is over, you’re back on the unemployment line," Mike says. That’s when they discovered network marketing, a choice that has seen them through more than 30 years of success. "This is a great way to level out the peaks and valleys of income," Mike says.

Over their 36 years in network marketing, they had a daughter, who has three children of her own and recently won her first Grammy Award. Now, Mike and Kate are with Youngevity, a company they refer to as "their home." They say they have come a long way since their first company, where they made every mistake you can make and then some. At age 40, they were able to retire and move to Florida, and have since moved twice more—"chasing" their grandchildren and enjoying their lives. "We are back in our happy place," Mike says.

Stan & Laura Dennison

Stan & Laura Dennison 

Since joining the Youngevity family, Stan and Laura Dennison are enjoying the best experience they’ve had in their 26 years in the industry.

"We have never felt more at home than we have with Youngevity," Stan says. "We love all the different business options this business offers, which allow us, as well as our team, to be our best and create success."

Stan and Laura are committed to moving people from where they are to where they want to be. Their success in this industry has allowed them the freedom to be with their children as they were growing up— never missing a ballgame, dance recital or competition, or horse show.

"You cannot put a price on that, and we want to help as many families as we can have the same opportunity," Laura says.

The Dennison’s are very thankful that their daughter Kelsey and son-in-law Dustin Britton have also chosen the Youngevity path. "The results that this industry can provide are what excite us for the future of our family," Kelsey says. "It’s been great to be building an income and still have the time freedom that I saw my parents enjoy when I was younger."

A network of like-minded friends

Relationships are a huge part of achieving a fulfilling life. We don’t take that for granted, nope, not one bit. When you join our inspiring community, you’ll make countless friends who share an interest in good health and making a difference in the world. It’s like being part of a giant, and hugely supportive family, without the endless bickering and forced family functions.


Why Youngevity?

At Youngevity, we don’t sit back and wait for things to change; we lock arms with our tight-knit community of inspiring friends and guide each other to betterment, in all areas of our lives.

Are you ready to get the life you want?

Join the team

Living life your way now comes with a few healthy benefits.

Pursue Your Passion

Many of us dream of owning a business. And not just any business, but one that lets us explore our passions and become part of something we wholeheartedly believe in. Well, here’s your chance, you know, without the whole going it alone and risking everything bits.

Financial Freedom

Money certainly isn’t everything. Not even close. However, it does give you options.
The Youngevity opportunity can help provide extra income so you can better support your family,
experience new things and pursue your passions. It’s about living more and worrying less.


When you believe in yourself, the rest of the world does, too. And so like any good friend, we make it a point to tell you how awesome you are and always celebrate your successes. That means, events, rewards and support at every level. Not just from us, but from your mentors and peers. So put on your party pants, we’re going to have a lot to celebrate.



Nine-to-five is great for some people, but is it great for you? We provide flexibility so you can go where you want, when you want. Even if that place is the spa. We also help make magical unicorn-like things, such as early retirement, a real possibility.

Residual Income

Imagine being paid month after month for work you did years earlier. That kind of compensation is called "residual income," and it’s a key feature and benefit of the Youngevity Compensation Plan. It’s also vital to helping you get what you want.

A Network of Like-Minded Friends

Relationships are a huge part of achieving a fulfilling life. We don’t take that for granted, nope, not one bit. When you join our inspiring community, you’ll make countless friends who share an interest in good health and making a difference in the world. It’s like being part of a giant, and hugely supportive family, without the endless bickering and forced family functions.

We invite you to join our family! Experience the vitality, the abundance and the prosperity of the Youngevity lifestyle!


Personal Growth

Passion, positivity and the pursuit of betterment have helped us create a unique business that inspires individuals like yourself—and reminds us all that our health and lives can always be better. When you attach yourself to such an important message and mission, it’s inevitable that you’ll become better, too. And as you continue to accomplish goals and develop new skills, you’ll help others thrive. It’s the gift that just keeps giving, err, growing.

We offer a business opportunity unlike any other. One that helps you change lives – and enhances your own life in return.

Enjoy the Perks of a Better Life Today

You deserve more.

And we’ll help you get it.

Youngevity has one of the most generous compensation plans in the industry. The best part? Your income is essentially limitless. You determine your success. Also, as a distributor you’ll save up to 20% on every product by purchasing it at wholesale. You can also receive a weekly bonus just by sharing amazing products. Easy peasy.

Download Compensation Guide

Dynamic compensation.

Here’s where things get interesting. No other company offers you as many different ways to earn money. We call it “dynamic compensation.” You’ll just call it “wow.” It’s all about giving you more – we’re talking up to 10 different ways to grow your rewards – as part of the Youngevity lifestyle.

dynamic compensation

Get paid your way.

Become A Distributor

Get access to the complete portfolio of Youngevity products at wholesale (up to 20% off) pricing. Use the products you love and earn extra money, free product and other perks when you share them with friends and family.

Become Your Own CEO

Join our roster of top Youngevity earners as a CEO-Qualified Distributor. Jump-start your success with your choice of CEO Mega Pak and turn your passion into a career. And as you grow your business, you’ll unlock bigger bonuses and greater commissions.

Base compensation.

Distributor & CEO


Fast Starter Bonuses

  • Instant $70 bonus with every new CEO Mega Pak starter referral.
  • 30% bonus on initial sales from new distributors or customers you enroll.

Infinity Bonuses

  • As you build your CEO status, unlock even bigger residual bonuses.
  • Applies to unlimited levels. Yes, unlimited.

Refer 3 Get Yours Free

  • Get free products by introducing Youngevity to others.
  • Share more products. Get more products. You’ve got to love that.

Residual Bonuses

  • Get paid when those in your network make a sale.
  • Get 5% to 8% of every sale in your downline organization.

Product Sales

  • Keep those checks rolling (up to 30% of every sale).
  • Get an additional 30% bonus on new customers.

Exclusive CEO-Qualified Benefits.

Diamond Club Vacations

Vacations Rewards

  • Qualify for a dream vacation for you and a loved one.
  • Top Achiever’s Club (TAC) trips are awarded annually.

Ambassador Status

  • Awarded semi-annually to top achievers.
Status Rewards

Status Rewards

  • Rack up valuable Youngevity Reward Credit as grow your business.
  • Use your credit on a wide range of exciting custom luxury items.

Car Bonuses

  • Start earning a car bonus after only 2 months of qualifying at any Star rank. (see full compensation plan for details) 
  • Earn between $300 and $2,000 per month.
  • All it takes is a little bit of drive. We’ll give you the keys.

  • Youngevity prohibits its distributors from making income earning claims in association with the promotion of Youngevity business opportunities. Whether an individual who becomes a Youngevity distributor will earn more than he or she pays for the business opportunity depends on multiple independent and dependent variables that are impossible to predict, such as economic factors unique to each location where product sales are attempted and the sales talents of each individual distributor.

car bonuses
global revenue

Global Revenue Pool

  • Give it your all and we’ll give you a share of the company.
  • Reach qualified ranking and get a piece of the revenue pool.

*Reward opportunities are always based on performance and levels achieved within the company. As you grow your business, the opportunities grow with you. For more detail on the various rewards and levels, check out our COMPENSATION GUIDE

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CEO Mega Pak.

The products you love.

The tools to succeed.

Start building your status as a CEO-Qualified Distributor automatically when you choose from any of six CEO Mega Paks. Each one is designed around our unique categories and includes $500 worth of the most successful products. What products will inspire your next business move?

Choose from:



As part of your CEO-Qualified Distributor Mega Pak, you receive special training tools and all the support you’ll need to take your Youngevity career to the next level.

ceo pack

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Health, wellness and the freedom to discover a life on your terms. See what the Youngevity lifestyle is really about.

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